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About GrappBox

Who We Are

Developers, project managers, integrators, designers... We are who you are, teams wishing to work efficiently without compromises.

We do know how bad tools can significantly slow down a project, and even kill it. Via GrappBox, we want to find the right balance between simplicity and functionality.

Our goal is quite simple: to offer an innovative online platform, with all the needed tools to create and develop your IT projects.

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What's inside

Everything you need to manage your projects, teams, files, and even customers. Your actions and decisions are fully synchronized between all GrappBox platforms to maximize your productivity.

  • chevron_rightAll the tools you need with a click
  • chevron_rightThe evolution of all your projects at a glance
  • chevron_rightA new way to communicate with your customers
  • chevron_rightA set of applications for all your platforms (web, desktop or mobile)

Our Services



Detect problems before they occur thanks to a set of relevant statistics.



Safely store all your valuable files and assets safely via our secured private Cloud storage.


Collborative whiteboard

Give life to your ideas thanks to a collaborative whiteboard shared on all GrappBox platforms.


Team timeline

Discuss and keep track of your interactions with your team.


Customer timeline

A better way to discuss and exchange with your customers.



Use the power of teamwork to get rid of your functional and technical issues.



A beautifully simple calendar. View and manage all your meetings and tasks.



Available on Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Meet the team

Our skills, at your service.

Allyriane Launois

LinkedIn logoAllyriane Launois

API and Web app developer

Frédéric Tan

LinkedIn logoFrédéric Tan

Android app developer

Léo Nadeau

LinkedIn logoLéo Nadeau

Desktop app developer

Marc Wieser

LinkedIn logoMarc Wieser

Android app and Cloud developer

Pierre Hofman

LinkedIn logoPierre Hofman

iOS app developer

Pierre Feytout

LinkedIn logoPierre Feytout

UWP app developer

Roland Hemmer

LinkedIn logoRoland Hemmer

Web app developer and sysadmin

Valentin Mougenot

LinkedIn logoValentin Mougenot

API and UWP app developer

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We'd love to discuss with you for any question, suggestion or even issue. Feel free to contact us!